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emerge virginia credit union proffessionals conference

June 26-27, 2024


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Hoan Do

Award-winning inspirational speaker, author of Succeeding in the Real World, and city finalist in NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior.

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Business Conference

EMERGE Schedule

June 26-27

Don’t Miss Out


7:30 AM 

Vendor Set-Up

8:00 AM 

8:00 AM 


Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM 


Welcome: EMERGE Conference kicks off! 

9:15 AM 



Hoan Do

12:00 PM 


Lunch with our exhibitors and time to network.

1 PM 

In Action

League President/CEO Carrie Hunt & League Advocacy Staff  

A panel discussion on the importance of advocacy and how it affects all credit unions.  Also, learn about our new Emerge Certification!

MRG Ballroom

2 PM 

Soft Skills are Hard Work

Equipping Managers with Success Skills for Leadership 

Christina Landes, HR Reliance 

In this session, we will have an interactive discussion around the soft skills and behaviors that can help a manager succeed in today’s workplace. They include collaboration, critical thinking, empathy, persistence, adaptive communication, flexibility, and more. Too often, managers with great “hard” technical skills are put into roles that require excellent people skills. This break-out will explore best practices for training in soft skills, with a major focus on leveraging the soft skills of organizational leaders through coaching and mentoring. Participants will leave with actionable ideas and tools to implement with managers in their organizations.

MRG Ballroom

3 PM 

Art of Networking

Katie Knight, Apple FCU 

Join Katie as she dives into the often socially-awkward world of networking. Together we’ll break networking down into manageable steps that will give you the confidence you’ll need to take advantage of networking opportunities to advance your career and goals. 

MRG Ballroom

4:30 PM 


Join us for our Vendor Reception for food, beer, wine and other refreshments. 

Credit Union House, 108 N 8th Street. (only three blocks away from hotel)


8 AM 


Vendor Networking Breakfast 

River City Ballroom

9:30 AM 


Getting to Clarity: The Roadmap to your Career 

Keynote: Debbie Peterson 

Discover the steps to create FOCUS on what’s next in your career. 

  • Discover mindset strategies for massive momentum towards your goals. 

  • Learn how to focus on the right opportunities for the right reasons. 

  • Cultivate the community of people needed to accelerate your career to the next level and explore mentors, masterminds, and more! 

  • Understand what gets in the way of achieving defined results and what to do about it. 

MRG Ballroom

11:30 AM  


Lunch with our exhibitors and time to network.

River City Ballroom

1:00 PM 

Critical Questions to Ask Along the Journey to Digital Transformation   

Vickie Potter, TruStage 

Every day, more credit unions are embracing digital transformation to deliver meaningful member experiences. Real-time data working in concert with years of intuition offers a powerful force capable of game-changing transformation. No matter where a credit union is on its digital transformation journey, there are a few key questions leaders must be asking: What behaviors are we trying to change? How does our transformation support our mission, vision and values? Can our team handle the truth? How do we avoid SOS (shiny object syndrome)? Attend this session to explore these questions and strategies for jump-starting your journey, including: 


· Quantifying your readiness to become more data driven 

· Tying data and analytics strategy to overall business strategy 

· Hiring key talent to support your transformation 

· Preparing data to support predictive analytics and models 

· Partnering with business units and marketing teams to activate data insights 

MRG Ballroom

2 PM  

Closing / Prizes

Keynote offers closing remarks & Wrap-Up Prizes

MRG Ballroom

Conference Event

Get in Touch

We hope you're able to attend. If you have questions about the registration process, our schedule or general information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Virginia Credit Union League 
108 N 8th St.
Richmond, VA 23219


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